Keeping Watch While You Work, Hunt, Fish And Play


We are now accepting bookings for guard services and Bear Safety Classes for 2022 and 2023.

Our job is to keep remote workers protected from bears and to educate them about bear safety as well. Our areas of operation are “the field” or facilities. Our clients are pipeline companies, survey crews, commercial photographers, communication research, satellite systems, mining companies, archaeologists, remote lodges, FAA crash sites while under investigation, etc.


Our goal is not to shoot the bears, or to destroy wildlife in our ecosystem, but to make sure that people are able to work at their jobs in a safe environment. Our company covers a 24 hour day on most of all our contracts.

We also offer State-wide Bear Safety classes to teach you how to keep yourself and your crew safe in bear country.

With the size of the state of Alaska and as many remote sites where people are going to be working, there will be more and more conflicts between humans and bears. Our job is making sure that your people have a safe work environment and we keep the bears, Black, Brown or Polar, out of your hair! I can’t stress enough at this point how many bears there really are in certain areas, and their numbers are still growing very rapidly and unexpected problems will arise. Plan now, make arrangements with us before you go into the field. At the end of the day, we will all go home safe!

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